Discover the secrets to a successful life with coaching


Coaching will clarify your intention, vision and purpose to help you identify and prioritise your goals. Coaching will support you to create clear strategic actions to achieve your dreams through a journey of self discovery.

Meet Christina

Professional Life Coach & Mentor

Christina is a qualified Life Coach and Mentor and has coached individuals to clarify their purpose and vision to create clear strategic actions to achieve their goals.


Christina has worked as a mentor for over 15 years with children and adults that have experienced anxiety and depression. Christina has developed and delivered group mentoring workshops to children to support them to develop their self confidence and improve their communication skills.

Christina has been a Child and Family Practitioner for over 10 years working with individuals that have experienced domestic abuse, mental health, substance misuse, sexual exploitation, gang affiliation, modern day slavery and trafficking.


Coaching Sessions


The journey to your new life begins now

"I have achieved the impossible by working with Christina in the weekly coaching sessions.


This experience has transformed my thinking. I am the only one that sets the limits in my life."

- Tia Taylor

"Coaching with Christina has transformed my life.


The things that I thought was important were really not important. Christina has helped me to align my values and beliefs with my purpose".

- Mark James

"I did not know that I could achieve my dreams.


Christina has supported me to realise that my dreams are within reach".

- Sophia Andrews